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Tally Customisations

New License 

Renew License 

Tally On Cloud 

Tally Back up software


Tally On Mobile 

Import & Backup


1) Import of Vouchers (Payment, Receipts, Contra & Journal).

2) Import of Sales, Purchase and Orders Voucher With GST Details.

3) Import of Masters ( Ledgers , Item Masters & Cost Centers).

4) Import of Price list, BOM, Budgets.

5) Auto SMS Module on Billings & Outstandings. 

6) Auto E-Mail Module.

7) Sales Men Management.

8) Brokerage Management

9) Report Customisations.

10) Barcode Management.

11) Invoice Customisation. 

12) Auto Backup, Recycle Bin, Approvals Management, Voucher Alteration History, Dash Board etc.

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